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Do you import between the EU and UK?

Your EU to UK imports face more documentation and checks than before. We're here to help you prepare and make the change as smooth as possible.

On 1 January 2021, the way your goods are imported changed, with the arrival of customs clearance and new processes for shipping between the EU and the UK. Without careful preparation, your shipments could easily face delays and even fines.

Are you Brexit ready?

Below, there’s a checklist of all the additional steps and documentation you’ll need to prepare ahead of trading. Remember to check our Q&A, then give us a call if you need advice or a more detailed chat – our in-house Brexperts have been preparing for years and are more than happy to help. Download our documentation checklist here.


Importer checklist

Check you’ve got all the correct documentation ready for importing – and remember, if you need help, our in-house Brexperts will provide free Brexit consultations and support. Just email us at

Speak to our in-house Brexperts: