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Do you export between the UK and EU?

From 1 January 2021, your UK - EU exports will face more documentation and checks than before. We're here to help you prepare and make the change as smooth as possible.

With or without a Brexit deal, the way your goods are exported is going to change from 1 January. Without careful preparation, your shipments could easily face delays and even fines.

Are you Brexit ready?

Below, there’s a checklist of all the additional steps and documentation you’ll need to prepare ahead of trading. Remember to check our Q&A, then give us a call if you need advice or a more detailed chat – our in-house Brexperts have been preparing for years and are more than happy to help. Download our documentation checklist.


Exporter checklist

Information correct as of 03/12/2020

Do you know the true origin of your export (where it was made)? If no - you must know this, as if affects the amount of tax payable.

Check you’ve got all the correct documentation ready for exporting from 1 January – and remember, if you need help, our in-house Brexperts will provide free Brexit consultations and support. Just email us at

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