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Preparing for Brexit

As 31 October draws closer, alongside the possibility of a no-deal Brexit, we're working hard to prepare all our customers and suppliers ahead of time.


    Getting ready for Brexit


Each day we’re getting closer to 31 October and with that in mind we’re preparing our customers and suppliers for a no-deal Brexit.

We’ve got in-house customs clearance experts who are able to handle your logistics requirements and talk you through any additional steps you may need to take in the future.

We’re also calling all the people we work with to ensure they’re feeling prepared. There’s only limited time before a potential no-deal and it’s crucial that everyone is prepared for a worst-case scenario ahead of time. Not had a call? Keep scrolling to see everything you should be doing to prepare.

As an AEO accredited logistics provider, we’re in a good position to help your logistics. When your goods are cleared on the border, our accreditation means they’re less likely to be pulled for inspection – but if they are, they’ll get priority.

How you can prepare yourself:

Check out our easy infographic to see the simple steps for preparing your company for Brexit.